"Alex" from Illuminated

Illuminated, by Jolly Good

Jolly Good is a creative collaboration between myself, Amy Goodchild and my friend and artist Juli Jolly. We met via reddit a couple of years ago and...

Juli painting Mariana for “Illuminated”

Juli painting Mariana for “Illuminated”

We enjoy sharing our creative process, so we have been photographing and filming behind the scenes and sharing the results online. Here is a short video of...

Seeking beautiful truths and avoiding nice lies

Research process as art

I’m really enjoying sharing bits of my artistic process and, where possible, turning it into an artwork itself. Today I began thinking about ways of communicating. I...


Art Project 2013

Thursday night researching identity as a societal construct for Art Project 2013

Nina and Hilary Birthday Party 3

Nina & Hilary’s Birthday

Last Saturday night I headed out to Berkhamsted to photograph the birthday party of Nina and her Mother-in-law Hilary. The venue was The Gatsby on the high...


Michelle in the Sea

I already posted one photoshoot I did with Michelle and here’s the second, where we got into the sea. I could have killed for an assistant with...


Louise and Franel’s Civil Partnership

I assisted Helen Maybanks in shooting Louise and Franel’s civil partnership. Right after the ceremony, everyone hopped onto a Routemaster London bus and we took a little...


Nia and Richard’s Wedding

I assisted Helen Maybanks in photographing the wedding of Nia and Richard. Everyone was full of smiles during the wedding speeches and the sit down meal. Then...


Water and Light

I could not love the backlit water more. On the downside, it’s only a matter of time until I drop my camera in the sea.



I’ve met a lot of people in San Sebasti├ín and I can easily say that Michelle is one of my favourites. She’s beautiful outside and in so...